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Huatulco Cruise Ship Activities

Disembark from your cruise ship and let us give you a taste of Huatulco

Huatulco shore excursions are exiting guided shore tours and half day trips from Santa Cruz port Huatulco and they are a great way to enhance your cruise experience in Mexico by allowing you seeing Huatulco attractions and Top activities. Select your perfect shore excursion options from Huatulco port and start booking your private tour with Oaxaca Expediciones.

Top Huatulco Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers

Huatulco Shore Excursions
Reef Snorkel Adventure

Snorkeling in the Violin Bay is beyond belief and we can get you there. Discover one of the Huatulco Top Attractions in the safest way possible. The best half day tour in Huatulco for cruise ship passengers.

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Activities for cruise ship passengers.
River Hike in The Zimatan Canyon

Discover a hidden Canyon, enjoy breathtaking views and a natural hydromassage from the river's cascades. The only adventure that brings you so close to the unspoiled nature of Huatulco!

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Bays of Huatulco Port Guide
Kayak Tours for Cruise passengers

Bays of Huatulco offers some of the best sea kayaking experiences in Mexico, away from the crowds with beauty and wildlife in abundance. There is no better way to experience Huatulco than from a kayak .

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Huatulco Cruise Ship Excursions
Scenic Float trips | Bird Watching

Join us for a scenic float trip on the calm-water section of the Copalita River, home to an array of wildlife and especially rich in bird life. Great excursion for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

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Huatulco Sightseeing Tours.
Huatulco City Tour

We will take you around Huatulco, experiencing many of its best and most scenic sights. Discover picturesque streets, historic churches, magnificent views and protected nature reserves.

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Excursiones para cruceristas Huatulco
Turtle Sanctuary Mazunte Beach

Visit the Mexico Turtle Sanctuary in Mazunte Beach and "La Ventanilla" Mangroves (La Ventanilla Beach). Join us on a unique photographic adventure for cruise ship passengers.

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