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School Group Adventures

Outdoor and Environmental Education in México

Our courses, encompassing both Adventure and Environmental Education, are designed to ensure memorable learning experiences in an enjoyable environment.

Our excellent range of adventurous activities provide an exciting forum to help your group learn & achieve together at a challenging level suited to their needs.

We provide unique programmes with courses taking place in, on and around our wild and rugged landscapes and our superb marine environment.

Because no two groups are the same, all of our programs start with a conversation to discuss your particular goals and needs.

Why choose Oaxaca Expediciones?
  • Educational programmes designed to meet the needs of your group.
  • Enthusiastic delivery focusing on positive personal development and enhancement of life skills.
  • Enjoyable and memorable experiences to last a lifetime.
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff.
  • Excellent safety record and highest operational standards.

Summer programs

Simplifying Student Travel

  • We are here to make the travel experience as enjoyable for you as it is for your students.
  • We sweat all the details, so you can focus on having an absolute blast with your students!
  • We have the same goal as you do, to create inspiring travel experiences for your students.
  • We simplify student travel, from the moment you start planning your trip to long after it ends

Outdoor Learning Activities

Multi Days Summer Camps

Our multy day summer camps for girls and boys are packed with the adrenaline pumping activities kids love, and include opportunities for leadership development and team building.

Your child will actively engage in learning experiences that promote: team building, individual discovery, problem solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.

Full Day Programs

Nothing better than to inspire people in developing themselves through interacting with nature; gaining greater understanding of and respect for the environment.

Oaxaca Expediciones creates modern, quality and safety-conscious professional programs that are tailored for you and your students. We offer a range of outdoor educational activities that promote physical, social and emotional growth in each participant.

Half Day Programs

Students come to Oaxaca Expediciones to challenge themselves in a range of outdoor activities and adventures, such as rafting, canyoning, kayaking, wildlife watching, snorkeling, hiking and much more.

Along the way they bond, share and learn together in ways that could never happen in a traditional classroom. They return home enriched and empowered with a new sense of their surroundings and appreciation of their colleagues.