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Your Dream Vacation... Make It Real!

Our canyoning adventures are a journey unlike any other. Get in touch with a special natural world and see beauty such as you have only dreamed of.

Plunge down water polished chutes and abseil down waterfalls. Jump off cliffs! Climb, swim and float through an amazing world of water- sculpted rock, deep clear pools and spectacular waterfalls.

The best Canyoning Holidays in the Oaxaca Coast

Huatulco Adventure Sport Holidays
Canyoneering Zimatan River

Canyoning for water confident people with reasonable fitness, looking for big fun! Great for groups and teenage families. This half day Canyoning trip is the perfect activity to fit into an action packed schedule. Just 40 minutes from Huatulco.

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mexico ecotourism
River Hike Mazunte | Zipolite

Embrace the stunning beauty of your surrounds and conquer the fun challenges of a descent through the narrow walls of the canyon. Enjoy a great lunch and get ready for a photography safari in La Ventanilla Mangroves.

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Huatulco Adventure Sport Holidays
River Hike Copalitilla Waterfalls

Excellent outdoor adventures for families with active kids and school groups. Mother-nature has generously gifted us a canyon fit for all, this is an opportunity to introduce kids to an environment they will not soon forget.

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Puerto Escondido Outdoor Activities
Canyoning Puerto Escondido

Share your passion for Outdoor sports with us, and we lead you through the best Adventure in Puerto Escondido. This trip offers a lot of adrenalin as well as stunning views. Warm water, impressive geological formations and high waterfalls invite you to a world of untouched nature.

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Mexico Adventure Travel
Full day Canyoneering Upper Zimatan

Oaxaca is a land of mystical beauty, living wonder and unrivalled adventure. Let Oaxaca Expediciones show you a unique blend of nature, local culture and true outdoor adventure with a Full Day Canyoneering Trip customised and suited to you.

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Canyoning Mexico
Multi day Canyoning Trips

Get away from modern distractions and share the experience with the company of friends and family: both out on the river and around the campfire in the evenings. Fresh, riverside breakfast and dinner feasts you would not think possible are created in a camp oven.

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