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Huatulco Best Snorkeling

Enjoy snorkeling in Huatulco and see the most beautiful ocean life.

Want to experience the world's underwater beauty in the safest way possible? Welcome to the world of Oaxaca Expediciones. Our professional and friendly guides will show you the Oaxaca underwater world, up-close and personal.

Discover the beautiful coral reef at the bests beaches of Huatulco Bays.

Huatulco Best Snorkeling

Family Beach Vacation Mexico
Snorkeling Violin Beach

Immerse yourself in the spectacular physical beauty of the best kept secret of the Oaxaca Coast. Visits one of the most incredible snorkel sites on earth. A great experience for the whole family.

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Mexico Snorkeling Destinations
Snorkeling San Agustín Bay

Children are naturally curious. Snorkeling is a great way to turn a family beach vacation into an adventure with kids. You need not be a professional diver to enjoy the underwater world!

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Huatulco National Park
Snorkeling and Hiking Organo Bay

Experience the best of both worlds with a combined snorkeling and hiking tour! You will snorkel in the beautiful Organo Bay, then take a nature hike into Huatulco National Park.

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